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August 1997

Dear Visitor:

A most hearty welcome to my Splendid State, Bihar.

These pages were created to fill a need. As you well-know, Web pages are multiplying these days like flies. Yet, to my surprise, I could not find a single site related to Bihar - an area of this world much misunderstood in its own country, and almost unknown to the rest of the world. Hence, with the resources that I am fortunate to have, I decided to put a few pages together that will be informative for many, and enjoyable to those who are from Bihar, or whose life's journey had taken them through it.

As I was developing these pages, some of my friends, the virtual kind that is, informed me of some Bihar sites. These sites are included here on the "Links" page. I visited them, but still felt that the need existed. So I continued with my effort. The result is now before you.

You will not find any fancy gimmicks here - no leaping lizards, jumping jacks, or flying
elephants; no colourful, jazzy, spiffy background (making text only incidental, that is, if indeed, one
can read them); and no sounds to wake you
and your neighbor up as you happen to open a page!

Here you will find pages full of lots of information and some relevant illustrations.

Should you choose to enjoy some music, of your taste, as you take the tour, you indeed can do so through links provided on this page.

I hope you will find these pages informative, and your visit enjoyable. Then my effort would have been worth it.

Many thanks and warmest regards,

Sincerely yours,

The Author

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  Upon his induction into the Union Cabinet as the Minister for Finance, with unbridled enthusiasm and unabated joy we offer our congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Yashwant Sinha   wpe4.gif (17944 bytes) - ex Lecturer at Patna University, ex-member of IAS (resigned), a previous Finance Minister of India (1991), ex-Leader of the Opposition in Bihar Legislature; currently President of the Bihar State Unit of BJP, and an MP from Hazaribagh, with a winning margin in excess of 15,66,00!

   As an intense wrangling over this immensely important portfolio was going on at New Delhi, Mr. Sinha (or Yashwant, as he is affectionately called by all) chose to stay in Bihar. He reached Delhi just "in time to be sworn in." (Source: Wall Street Journal, Fri Mar 19, 1998.) It speaks volumes about the wisdom of our new PM that he chose Yashwant for this most chellenging job, in spite of much pressure otherwise.

   Immediately upon taking office, as Yashwant stated his agenda for the revitalization of India's sagging economy, the MNC's heaved a sigh of relief. His plan has been greeted with great enthusiasm by business houses in India, and analysts the world over (see below). Briefly, he plans to -- Pump capital for rapid development of infrastructure ||  Create "hassle-free" atmosphere for MNC's to invest and operate in India || Strive for equality for India at the WTO ||  Redefine the term "swadeshi" so that it is meaningful in the present global economy || Support the theme that "India should be built by Indians".

   MNC's should find it a pleasure to do business with this very articulate, suave, urbane, and yet very canny leader. A few of the analysts and fund managers that are full of praise for this new FM are: Jay Pelosky (Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, Discover), Geoffrey Dennis (Deutsche Morgan Grenfell), Pratap Raju (I.D.E.A., New York), Adrian Mowat (Martin Currie), Sam Mahtani (Foreign & Colonial), Peter Bassett (Selig Henderson, London)..etc! (Source: "Can India's Stocks Regain their Spice?" Wall Street Journal, Fri Mar 19, 1998)

   --Link to interview : Washington Post

   As he directs our nation's economy and finance, it is expected also that he will make efforts to clean up the financial mess in the Government of Bihar - lately the home of scams of all kinds - from Fodder (Chara) to Bitumen (alkatara or road-tar) Ghotala.

Let us also join our hands and pray that Almighty God may strenghthen the hands of this man, and may He bring success to the Herculean task on which this noble son of Bihar has embarked for the good of our country and our beloved State.

December 1997

In Patna - the State capital- bazaars are aglitter with goods and crowded with shoppers. There are outlets for Arrow shirts, Lee jeans and Pierre Cardin clothing. French pastries of many kinds, freshly baked croissants, and a wide variety of breads can be had at Hotbread - a recently opened bakery and patisserie on Fraser Road (near the junction with S. P. Verma Road.) Mobile phones are available - courtesy Ushafone and Reliance. Many streets have been widened - for example, New Dak Bungalow Road and Exhibition Road (towards Chirayantar Overpass.)

Yet, tragically, our beloved Bihar bleeds!

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Please click here for an archive, with links, to recent news items, from the national and international press, regarding Bihar - the place and/or its people.

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The banner of the Golden Buddha, on top of this page, is composed from a photograph of the statue of Lord Buddha, located in an alcove in the new Japanese Temple atop the Gridhrakut Hill in Rajgriha (or Rajgir.)

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